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*Beep Boop* Do you want to come over to play? We could either just chill in my cardboard castle or give our best to break all the online highscores. The more, the merrier! Bring up to 4 friends and we can all play some games together. :)

Stone Skipper

It's like golf, but with a stone that you are skipping on the water. Make the stones bounce on the surface in order to hit the pole at the end of each course!

Ghost Hunt

In this paranoia simulator, you need to reveal spooky ghosts with a flashlight in order to shoot them. But be aware that there might always be another ghost hiding in the dark - ever waiting to finally blow out your last candle!

Ice Cream Taster

It's that weird game, where you have a very long tongue and try to lick ice cream. But [b]attention![/b] You are allergic to some flavors, so your tongue might literally get burned, if you are too greedy!

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High Concept Document

(from June 2023)

Paper Play VR - High Concept English.pdf