T E R M S   O F   S E R V I C E   P A P E R   P L A Y   V R

The game Paper Play VR uses Unity Player Accounts in order to identify and validate your Online Highscores and for the Multiplayer features. The Unity Player Account will be created automatically using your Steam or Meta Account without any further requirements. If your Steam or Meta Account is already linked to a Unity Player Account, that one will be used instead, to make the experience of Paper Play VR as convenient as possible for you. We will not collect any data from the players except for the highscore data (as stated in the Privacy Policy below). However we are not responsible for any data, that Unity may be collecting. You can read the Unity Terms of Service and Privacy Policy here.

You can manage and delete your Unity Account here.

You can request data deletion and account disclosure by writing an email to us or to: unity-player-login-privacy@unity3d.com

P R I V A C Y   P O L I C Y   P A P E R   P L A Y   V R

The game Paper Play VR collects highscore data of the users, which is automatically uploaded to a public online scoreboard, when the game is connected to the internet. The automatic upload can be switched off in the game settings. After a score is uploaded, other users can see no other data than the name of the user (which is the public Steam or Meta Name chosen by the user), as well as the highscore of the user ranked on the online scoreboard. In order to properly filter scores and to prevent cheating, we also save the exact timestamp and the used console/platform, that the score has been obtained with.

P R I V A C Y   P O L I C Y   A F T E R T H O U G H T

The game Afterthought does not collect any data of the users. However users can voluntarily upload their highscores to a public online scoreboard. If a user uploads a score, other users can see the name of the user (which can be chosen by the user before uploading) as well as a "run" through the level. The term "run" refers to the playthrough of the level executed by the user, who has uploaded the highscore, including all the inputs and the resulting clearing time of the user. 

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